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annexworks functions as a design firm, with one sole designer.
annexworks was established in 2020, but its roots trace back to 2014.
our goal is to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.
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Tomodachi (NΣΣT All My Friends Remix)

study piece made to help promote the release of a NΣΣT remix of Madeon's 'All My Friends'


* content has audio, please feel free to unmute.


a study piece made for the annual art show of fan-made Nintendo Famicom cartridge designs, My FAMICASE, hosted by METEOR, an art gallery based in Tokyo, Japan.

2022 submission

submission source: FAMICASE Archives


study created in honor of George Floyd
and in support of Black Lives Matter


steel mogu

study inspired by
the original characters created by Iglooghost


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pocari freakz

2021, November
shot around Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo
commission for Attack The Music, for apparel promotion


2022, April
photo walk in Meguro, Tokyo

shibuya & sancha

2022, May
photo walk between Shibuya, Tokyo & Sangenjaya, Setagaya, Tokyo

tama plaza

2022, July
photo walk around Tama Plaza, Kawasaki, Kanagawa


2022, October
nighttime photo walk in Yurakucho, Chiyoda, Tokyo


2022, October
shot at an event at enjoy↑house in Shibuya, Tokyo

right outside

2022, July - November
photo walk in Aoba & Miyamae, Kawasaki, Kanagawa

river night

2022, December
photo walk in Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo and Sumida, Tokyo

sabukaru at redwood

2023, January
collaborative work for Sabukaru Online
at REDWOOD by Union Square Co.

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July 2nd, 2016
Anime Expo; Los Angeles, CA
the first netlabel showcase for RORA Team

This event is catalogued as RORA Team's first live showcase. RorAX was created as an opportunity to fill the needs of those unsatisfied with the Dance Hall for the premier Japan culture convention, Anime Expo. Additionally, Anime Expo's own ticketed events were fairly expensive, so RorAX could meet the needs of attendees at a much lower cost.

The event consisted of 9 different performers spanning all ranges of music from anison to chiptune to hardcore techno to hip-hop. 4 of the 9 were artists from within the netlabel, while the remaining 5 were friends of the netlabel, curated by RORA Team.

The event was also one of the first within the underground music scene to feature a livestream through Twitch. While other live events within the underground music scene had broadcasts, the quality and ease-of-access provided by this event was unmatched at the time. There was also a VOD (video on demand) available within the week after the event.

Another characteristic of the event was the inclusion of a 'pop-up shop' featuring independent artists. There would be no table fees, they could sell anything they wanted. All money made from their sales would be kept by them. The only 'fee' was selling a single item that featured RORA Team's mascot character. This would ensure a sense of partnership and extended the goods we could provide guests without an upfront cost.

Performer Count:9
Artist Count:3
Guest Count:300 ¹

¹ total count may have been much larger, as walk-in guests were unaccounted for


The success of the event cemented RORA Team's ability to host events affordably and effectively, while proving the group to be a force for good within the community.


original trailer

secret guest announcement


original poster

guest poster

event shots

guest poster by Joaquim Francisco | photography by Damon Malick

RORA & Friends I

February 16, 2017
SakuraCon; The Crocodile, Seattle, WA

This event was a test to see how running a RORA event would work in a more 'conventional' environment. A smaller venue with somewhat smaller risks, as there were no real upfront costs other than equipment and transport costs. Part of the organization of this event was also a collaboration with Allen Huang of CUSTOMS.

The lineup consisted of people we knew would already be in the area for SakuraCon, a large scale local anime culture convention, as well as locals who were available and lived nearby.

The event went well enough that there was a crowd and we could safely assume continuing the event series would be possible.

Performer Count:6
Guest Count:~70


Pixelon (Retired) & gupi
Slime Girls
Skybox (Retired)


show poster

illustrated poster


July 2nd, 2017
Anime Expo; Los Angeles, CA
the second netlabel showcase for RORA Team

By the time this show was announced, RORA Team had created a reputation for themselves in the underground electronic music scene, so it can be said that RorAX17 was a highly anticipated event. Tickets to the event were sold out much faster than before. Additionally, despite it costing slightly more than the previous year's event, it still managed to beat the pricing of Anime Expo's own ticketed events.

The event once again consisted of 9 performers (+1 secret guest) spanning all ranges of music, but there was a significant shift to artists we hadn't worked with before. As before, nearly all of the artists from within the netlabel performed, while the remaining 6 were friends of the netlabel, curated by RORA Team.

The event was once again livestreamed through Twitch. There was a significant jump in production quality, as we had a stationary camera but also a wireless camera for an added angle. Unfortunately, the setup did have drawbacks from shortcomings that were beyond our control (audio routing issues, camera desync, overlay mismatches, etc) but notes were taken to try and mitigate those issues for subsequent events. A VOD (video on demand) was available within the week after the event.

The 'pop-up shop' featuring independent artists made a return as well. Once again, there were no table fees, sales were unrestricted, and RORA Team took no cut of the profits as long as a single item that featured RORA Team's mascot character was available for sale.

Performer Count:9 (+1 Secret Guest)
Artist Count:10
Guest Count:~350 1

¹ total count may have been larger, as some guests left, walk-in guests were admitted






show poster (+ variations)

set times (+ add'l artwork)

RORA & Friends II

September 1st, 2017
PAX West; The Crocodile, Seattle, WA

Capitalizing on the momentum of the year's prior events, this event was yet smaller than the first of its kind. We found it crucial, however small it would be to continue gaining a foothold of the underground music scene in Seattle, Washington.Choosing The Crocodile as a venue again meant that once again there were no real upfront costs other than equipment and transport costs.The lineup consisted of friends, locals, who were available and ready to perform.While the event resulted in a smaller turnout, it did help propel other projects with the involved artists, such as Kent Public Access.

Performer Count:3
Guest Count:~60



official poster

branded filter


July 7th, 2018
Anime Expo; Los Angeles, CA
the final netlabel showcase for RORA Team

This was RORA Team's final event, although at the time it was unknown.

This was by far the most difficult event to pull off, for many logistical reasons as well as financial. Evidence of the strain of this event can be seen in the fact a pop-up shop was impossible to manage, as the logistics and resources did not allow for the proper planning.

By the time this event had been announced, there was no less than six other events being hosted by a combination of small groups and a couple bigger organizations. All were not affiliated with Anime Expo yet, as with RORA Team, decided to hold events to compete and run alongside the convention. This put RX18 in a bind, as it had to survive off the word-of-mouth, marketing, and value of its performing talent.

This was the most expensive of the RorAX event series to run. The budget was astronomical for a group of our size and the ticket pricing had to match, so prices started to run up against Anime Expo official events. It was not ideal, but it was unfortunately necessary.

Fortunately, the event cut even, so there was no true loss for anyone. This did serve as a warning for the future of RORA Team and its endeavors.

Note: Perhaps at a later time, we will create a post-mortem for this event to document the do's and don'ts of independent event management.

Performer Count:10
Guest Count:~400




art timelapse


a collection of assets

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Kabuki (Logotype, Logomark, & Designs)


Logotype/Logomark commissioned for the DJ/Producer Kabuki. used for general branding, stickers, apparel, and promotion.



Logotype commissioned for the Producer NOISEPOP (now known as Simon Cress. used for general branding and promotion.

FitClub (Unreleased)

circa 2019

unreleased concept with variations for commissioned logo. project canceled, rights to logo retained.

Kent Public Access

online; operation in Washington, USA

branding for a livestreaming event on Twitch. art direction for the project, with duties including creating bespoke artwork for social media posts, broadcast overlays, and promotional content.

Pocari Freakz - Apparel Release

2021 | Available Here

product photography for the anniversary celebration of The Hair Kid's 'Pocari Freakz', which included T-Shirts apparel.

client: Attack The Music
location: Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo, Japan

Raif & ☆Taku Takahashi - OOLONG HiGH

2018 | Available Here

commissioned artwork for a single release through Attack The Music by American producer Raif & Japanese producer ☆Taku Takahashi.

As described by the Bandcamp comment: "A collaboration as refreshing as the mix of Shochu & Ooolong Tea."

Metropolitan - Brandon Delehoy

2019 | Available Here

commissioned artwork for an EP release by American producer Brandon Delahoy.

Club 99 - Sky Lethal

2020 | Available Here

commissioned artwork for a single release through Attack The Music by American producer SKY LETHAL.

this is a collection of material works

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works such as videography, motion graphics, animation, or combinations of all.



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thumbs down (music video)


music video created for 'Thumbs Down' by producers Red Spear and Gloomsy.


Red SpearGloomsy


Jesus Equihua


Kareem Rhadewa

production assistants

Riku LongKimiko Kaneshima


Marcel Luis MuñoaManami Fujima
Josh BaierMei Ho Kaohinani
Sinclair Watkins 

post production

CameraPanasonic Lumix BGH1
LensLeica DG VARIO-SUMMILUX 10-25mm/F1.7 ASPH. H-X1025
MountingCustom Head Mount
Adobe Premiere Pro CCAdobe After Effects CC
Adobe Photoshop CCAdobe Illustrator CC
Ableton Live 11 

the services offered by annexworks

here are the common services provided to clients and partners.
other services may be available upon inquiry on a case-by-case basis.


think logos, album art, show posters, shirt designs.
if it exists, design applies.

• branding
• marketing
• packaging
• merchandise
• publications


think VJ loops, livestream overlays, headshots, field recording.
these are our bread & butter.

• motion graphics
• videography
• photography
• live visuals
• 3D rendering *
* 3D rendering as a service is offered on a by-project basis.

consultation & organization

if you're having trouble with figuring out how you want to proceed with your business/event/campaign, let us have a look at it.

• social analytics
• market research
• business direction
• event coordination (offline & online)


we do not take on flat rates per project, but rather an hourly basis. these rates are solely disclosed at the time of contracting, after the scope of the project is evaluated. please understand that each project has different requirements and scopes, so rates must be shifted accordingly.we encourage potential clients and partners to contact us directly. budgetary limitations are understandable and will be accounted for in all situations.

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Jesus Miguel Equihua

Multimedia Designer

Dynamic multimedia designer with 6+ years of hands-on design and management experience in an audiovisual environment. Invaluable understanding of working in fast-pace, deadline-focused environment with self-motivated passion and a critical eye for improvement.


Multimedia Designerannexworks2019 - Current
Technical TesterNintendo of America2017 - 2019
OwnerRORA Netlabel2014 - 2019

at annexworks

The position is multimedia design, including (and not limited to) graphic design, video & photo capture and editing, and event organization & management. Duties include clear & concise communication, drafting contracts, project research & development, and secure asset delivery.

at nintendo of america

The position is technical testing of first and third-party software on first-party hardware. Duties included following designated testing protocol, consulting NDP guidelines, and comprehensive communication of testing results. Specific information is unavailable due to NDA and inquiries will be ignored.

at RORA netlabel

The position is founder and owner of an independent record label. Duties included brand development for record label & artists, overseeing finances, planning for in-person & digital events, social media management, legal consultation for collaborative projects, and digital music distribution.


SEO & AnalyticsSNS Management
Team ManagementQA Test Planning
Graphic DesignVideography
LivestreamingAudio Engineering


Adobe Creative Cloud SuiteDaVinci Resolve
Maxon Cinema 4DOBS Studio
Logic ProAbleton Live


Temple University Japan Campus2020 - 2023Bachelor's Degree - Communication Studies
Chaffey College Chino Campus2019 - 2020Transferred
Golden West College2011 - 2013Digital Arts Certificate


  • Game Development & Journalism

  • Electronic Music Production

  • Photography

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